Body Language Dr.

Body Language Dr.

Keynote Topics

  • Body Language
  • CLEAR (Communication, Leadership, Expectations, Accountability, & Responsibility) Leadership
  • MATCH (Mentor, Advise, Teach, Coach, & Hombre) Maker
  • Women Thriving at Work
  • Is Sleep Really That Important?
  • Inside Brains - Outside Behaviors
  • Image Scrimmage
  • Framework of Poverty
  • Attention - Concentration - Focus
  • Stress On Us
  • Decisions! Decisions!
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0

What We Do

  • Do you go with your gut?
  • Listen to that little voice?

  • Smell something fishy?
  • Just have a hunch?

These feelings are real and based on communication and relationships rooted in emotions and behaviors. We at Accountability Measures thoroughly understand this and have built our career on the science of non-verbal communication. The results: Better decisions. Improved communication. Positive outcomes.

It's time for you to have the advantage! One size does not fit all! Your industry, relationships, culture, and challenges require a training process to meet your unique needs and expectations. While you're not blind as to "what's going on," neither are we!

Our interpersonal approach allows us to communicate with your organization and you. Our approach is high-octane, interactive, visually stimulating, entertaining, motivational, and FUN! Offering an extensive range of professional services, you will become a savvy observer of yourself and others to "really" see what they are thinking and feeling. Plus, it's fascinating to learn how to read others!




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Feature Articles

Dr. Donna has recently been featured in a number of articles on and The Chicago Tribune. While these articles all relate to body language they cover a variety of topics including leadership, confidence and reading others emotional states. To read the full articles click on the links below.

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    "This presentation was outstanding and the only time I can remember sitting in a class for two straight hours right before lunch and I still didn't want it to be over. Very useful, very entertaining and I am inspired to research more on the topic. -R.L."

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    "I just want to thank you for the most amazing presentation I've heard, ever. I learned so much. As someone that's a survivor of domestic violence, (18 year marriage), it was so helpful to me in so many ways. I could have sat and listened to you all day. I'm sure you had so much more to share. Thank you again." -R.D

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    "I was so impressed with Donna's direct style and her ability to empathize with the struggles of small business, that I actually asked Donna to visit my office later in the week. Within 30 minutes, I had hired her for a 6 month contract and within two weeks, she had made a tremendous impact on my team, with particular focus on understanding communication styles, personal accountability and "real world" expectations. Donna has helped us develop and integrate an HR overhaul, discussed issues like dress code, getting along or moving along, varying personality types, self confidence and reliability. In fact, I've asked Donna to modify our contract to be "ongoing"." -C.D., Owner

Book Cover

The Book Everyone is Talking About

"Our bodies speak volumes and these “hunches” are real – it’s time YOU take advantage in understanding the power of nonverbal communication! The Body Language Dr. and her “how-to” guide will help you assess and improve your nonverbals; as well as interpret those around you. With Reflections and Personal Action Plans, Dr. Donna will help you think about the Whole Woman – top to bottom.

From handshakes to hairstyles, and torsos to toes, subtle expressions tell us what others are really feeling and thinking – and, also reveal your genuine emotions and intentions. Written with candor and humor, and filled with “Ideas to Consider,” checklists, and quizzes, this book will instantly become your “go-to guide” for understanding your and others’ nonverbal language.

Focus on your 9 step plan for building your leadership. Relevant Sage Stories also offer personal and unique perspectives from professionals thriving in their careers. Reveal your full leadership abilities while turning your own carbon into diamonds. Polish your professional image by reflecting and deciding what IMPRINT you want to make in your workplace! Remember, we are the Fe in Female…and, as strong as Iron!"

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