Dr. Donna Van Natten’s research in the science driving non-verbal communication, facial expressions, gestures, and behavioral intentions has changed the way companies develop their people. Coupled with her dynamic personality and animated delivery, the Body Language Dr.® is a national spokesperson and expert in interpreting numerous components of communication.

Dr. Donna synthesizes her education, knowledge, and expertise into high-octane, interactive, educational, and fun body language and communication programs. Her non-verbal communication sessions provide new insights and tools about human behaviors and cross a myriad of audiences—including corporate teams, community-based organizations, and company wide events.

She holds multiple degrees, culminating with a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Dr. Donna was awarded a Japan Fulbright Scholarship, is published in the Journal of Leadership Education, and wrote Image Scrimmage about the power of body language and leadership. She’s been featured multiple times in Inc.com Magazine for her expertise in nonverbal communication and leadership.

She is the founder, President, and CEO of Accountability Measures and a savvy business owner who understands the spoken and unspoken word driving all communication.

Dr. Donna's serves as the chair for the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Awards, the YMCA Board of Directors, and is on the Better Business Bureau Board of Directors.